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Drinking Water's  pH

Healthy drinking water pH needs to be 7.4-7.8. This was as nature intended for humans, plants and animals.
 It can be tested easily with pH Testers. The pH of water is becomes lower, (acidic), if stored in plastic. This is because 7.4-7.8 , declustered alkaline water will disolve plastic over time.  This speeds up when water is Plastic bottles is exposed to sunlight.  The plastic  leachs into the water altering the pH level immediately to a " clustered" acidic level.

Specifically, is H20, alkaline water has a hydrogen molecule and 2 oxygen molecules in its structure.  When the structure is altered by foreign substances in the water like plastic, chlorine or fluoride, the water breaks apart, clumps into larger groups of hydrogen oxygen combinations. Clustered water does not hydrate the body efficiently and the plant of body ph level changes becoming acidic and vulnerable to disease and death if prolonged over time.

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