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  •  Many think we get all the air we need from the air we breath.
This isn't the case. I learned this when fatally ill with cancer. 

  • Our body's need oxygen from air, water and food. 

Those  3 sources for oxygen are equally important for good health.

  • People fighting cancer, diabetes, or heart disease are acidic with lower oxygen levels in the body . Their levels are below the healthy range of 7.4-7.8. 
  • The human body utilizes,  processes and eliminates efficiently when supplied with sufficient  oxygen during the trillions of various bodily functions. The trinity of oxygen sources work in harmony keeping the body balanced , healthy.
  • Adjusting the body pH from acidic to a healthy alkaline body  pH isn't difficult.  By eliminating unhealthy foods and drinks and supplementing healthy foods and water, the body ph will adjust rapidly.   I did this myself  raising my body pH from 5.9 to 7.8 within a week.  It was a major factor in overcoming "terminal", Stage 4 cancer, within weeks.

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